Turkey Kebab

Serves 4 (8 kebabs)

Recipe Cost: £3.22

Cost Per Portion: £0.81


These are so easy to do, we love them in the Summer where we quite often BBQ our dinner (whenever the Great British Weather allows!) We try to eat healthy most of the time so these are quite often our contribution when visiting friends for a BBQ, to give us an alternative to processed burgers and sausages. We have use The Greedy Fox Cajun Seasoning here but it works well with most of them, depending on your mood!!


4 Turkey steaks cut into bitesize cubes

1 Red pepper diced roughly the same size as the Turkey

1 Green pepper diced Roughly the same size as the Turkey

Cherry tomatoes

1-2 teaspoon The Greedy Fox Cajun Seasoning




Pre heat grill medium/high


In bowl add the seasoning to the Turkey and mix to coat. Keeping a cherry tomato on each end of the kebab alternate between the turkey and the peppers on each skewer until all the pieces are gone.

Grill under a medium grill for 3 mins each side [12 in total]


Top Tip – If using wooden kebab skewers soak in cold water for 30 mins before use

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