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The Greedy Fox Vegan Lasagne

We are big fans of ‘Meat being a treat’ simply because of my MS my body doesn’t tolerate meat so well so we are often looking for vegan and vegetarian alternatives and this Lasagne is an absolute winner.


1 Portion The Greedy Fox Mediterranean Ragu https://www.s689880293.websitehome.co.uk/single-post/2016/10/07/The-Greedy-Fox-Mediterranean-Ragu or 500ml vegan passata

1x 400g tin drained green lentils

1\2 butternut squash thinly sliced into pasta like sheets. Or buy a pack from a shop.

1\2 butternut squash roughly chopped

100g vegan cheese

Fresh basil leaves

Bechamel sauce

50ml Extra Virgin Olive oil

50gr Vegan Butter

100g Plain Flour

500ml Vegan Milk we used koko low fat coconut milk.

1 Bay leaf

1tsp nutritional yeast

Grated Nutmeg

Salt and pepper


Pre Heat oven 180degree

Add the drained lentils and chopped Butternut squash to The Greedy Fox Mediterranean Ragu and simmer for 15 mins adding a little veg stock if it looks a little dry.

For the Béchamel sauce.

Put the milk into a small saucepan with the bay leaf and warm through over a medium heat.

Add the oil and butter to a medium saucepan and over a medium heat cook until the butter has melted.

Sift in the flour, stirring to form a roux and cook for a min or two.

Add the warmed milk to the roux a little at a time continuously whisking, once the sauce thickens a little add more warmed milk until all the milk has gone and you have a nice thick sauce.

Stir in the nutritional yeast, taste and season accordingly with salt and pepper and fresh grated nutmeg.

In a deep oven proof dish put a layer of lentil mix then top with a few tablespoons of Béchamel then top with the Butternut squash pasta sheets. Repeat until the dish is full. The final layer being béchamel.

Top with the fresh basil and cook for 40 mins.

Serve with a fresh green leaf salad and The Greedy Fox vegan Garlic Bread.

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