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The Greedy Fox Mini Vegan Chilli Taco

Party time wow your vegan guests with these mini chilli tacos. For this recipe you will need a vegan chilli we recommend you use The Greedy Fox Vegan chilli
 https://www.s689880293.websitehome.co.uk/single-post/2016/05/17/The-Greedy-Fox-Vegan-Lentil-Chilli but any vegan chilli will work.
Tortillas. 1 large tortilla should make at least 6 mini tacos.
Vegan chilli
1-2Tsp The Greedy Fox Mexican Seasoning
Dairy free Yogurt
Pre heat oven 180deg
Using a 3inch cookie cutter cut the tortilla into smaller tortillas you should get 6/7 from each big tortilla.


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