//The Greedy Fox Mediterranean Griddled Sardines

The Greedy Fox Mediterranean Griddled Sardines

Griddled sardines are perfect on a hot summers evening cook over hot coals enjoyed with a cold cerveza.


Whole gutted and clean Sardines

1-2 tbsp The Greedy Fox Mediterranean Seasoning

1 tbsp rape seed oil.

1 lemon 1/2 for juice

20g chopped parsley


Heat a griddle or get the bbq going. Mix The Greedy Fox Mediterranean Seasoning with the oil and lemon juice and pour over the sardines until coated. When your griddle is smoking or the coals are white hot on the bbq cook the sardine for 2mins each side and top with the chopped parsley.Season with sea salt. Serve with sliced lemon, best eaten hot.

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