//The Greedy Fox BBQ Chicken Nuggets

The Greedy Fox BBQ Chicken Nuggets

Serves 2-4


2 Higher welfare Chicken breasts sliced into strips

50gr plain flour

1 Tbsp The Greedy Fox BBQ seasoning

75gr Breadcrumbs, we used Panko but any will work.

2 Large Eggs, beaten.

Salt and Pepper.


Pre-Heat oven 190 degree

Have 3 large Bowls ready.

In bowl 1, mix the flour, The Greedy Fox BBQ seasoning and a little salt and pepper.

In bowl 2, beat the eggs.

In bowl 3, tip in the breadcrumbs.

Mix the chicken into the flour making sure all pieces are coated.

Take a piece of chicken from the flour and dredge through the egg then into the breadcrumbs making sure its well coated then place onto a  clean plate.

Repeat with the rest of the chicken.

Bake in the oven for 12-14 mins turning half way through.

Serve with The Greedy Fox Perfect Potato wedges

and The Greedy Fox House BBQ slaw

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