//Slow Cooker Mexican Barbacoa Beef by The Greedy Fox

Slow Cooker Mexican Barbacoa Beef by The Greedy Fox

Slow Cooker Mexican Barbacoa Beef by The Greedy Fox

This is a simple slow cooker, beef Mexican recipe the whole family will enjoy. You can serve as a Barbacoa taco or a simple meal with rice. It is essentially a Mexican Shredded beef. This easy recipe is one of the reasons we love our slow cooker, beef cooked slowly remains juicy and melts in your mouth.

This is also a great recipe if you are having a BBQ, one of those meals you can pop in the slow cooker in the morning whilst your prepare for your party. Its is also a great leftover recipe, you can make tacos, add it to chilli, nachos or burritos.

In traditional Mexican culture this is cooked over a hole in the ground and its actually where the word BBQ came from!


800g Beef Brisket

1 Tbsp The Greedy Fox Mexican Seasoning

1 Tbsp Tomato Puree

1 Tbsp Smoked Paprika [ Available on request]

1 Onion, sliced

300ml Beef stock

1 Tbsp Oil

Salt and pepper

Handful chopped coriander


Pre heat slow cooker if required.

Add the oil to a frying pan over a high heat sear the beef on all sides until golden, then set aside

Add onions, beef stock, tomato puree, smoked paprika and Greedy Fox Mexican to the slow cooker and mix well.

Place the beef on top of the onion mixture and cook on high for 1hr then reduce to low and cook for 7hrs.

After 7hrs remove lid and pull meat apart with 2 forks.

Sprinkle with coriander

Perfect as a filling for tacos serve with guacamole, sour cream and jalapeños

Try our guacamole recipe here


Remember our kits are multiple use meal kits, one pot will make between 4 and 5 delicious family meals. Our seasoning blends are also perfect for people who meal prep, making your food tasty and healthy. They contain no additives or nasties and whilst we cannot guarantee any cross contamination (but rest assured we are working on it), our daughter is coeliac so our products are naturally gluten free.

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