Chicken Satay has always been a favourite in our house. When I was a child my Dad used to cook this for us. He worked in Malaysia a lot and used to bring back these little amazing packets of seasoning that you just couldn’t buy in this country back then.

Its taken us a long time to develop this one as we wanted to get it just right and we really feel like we have! The sauce is nutty but fresh and its one of our go to recipes for parties! Especially BBQ’s, when you char that chicken on the BBQ it only adds to the amazing flavour, in the winter we just make the most of our griddle. No matter what the season, there is always Chicken Satay in the Fox house!!!! Sometimes we make it with pork, it just depends on whats in the freezer, or whats on offer!!!

We use peanut butter in this recipe, now a little but of choice comes in here! We love the texture of a rough peanut butter, with chunky peanuts but our kids prefer this when we use the smooth peanut butter. Either is good it just depends on your texture preference.

You can find hundreds of recipes for Chicken Satay but this one is a winner, trust is we have had about a gazillion dinners of Satay to get this one just right. Be safe in the knowledge as with all The Greedy Fox recipes that you are not eating any nasties, nothing processed, no chemicals just GOOD, TASTY, FAMILY FOOD!

Shot - Malaysian Satay