Katsu Curry has really made an impact on the world in 2019 and is one of the trendiest currys around! a real food trend of this year. Normally always served as a sauce with breaded chicken we can see why this has been a firm feature of last year and is set to be the same for 2020.

You would be forgiven for thinking that Katsu Curry is an Indian dish but its actually a Japanese dish which is why its not served like your traditional curry. In this recipe we use Panko breadcrumbs but give you a fun alternative of rice krispies. As you may already know, we have a Coeliac daughter so we are always adapting recipes and rice krispies work brilliantly. If you are a curry fan and do fancy a taste of India check out our Easy Goan Curry.

Why not let you kids help you make the goujons? Ours love doing it, its so easy and once finished a meal the whole family can enjoy! If you are feeling super lazy you can just cook the whole chicken breast and slice at the end. Like all Greedy Fox recipes our Katsu Curry recipe is made to be adapted to suit you!

In this recipe we dice the carrots very small but it really adds to the texture of the dish

You can change the chicken for pork if you like, Katsu curry is traditionally made from either.

Shot - Katsu Curry