This Greedy Fox Lamb Doner Kebab is the ultimate Fakeaway, have one of these ready for when you come home from your night out!

We make this using lamb mince and our Greedy Fox Shot Shawarma Seasoning. Making this fakeaway doner kebab couldn’t be easier.

Serve with your favourite hot sauce or garlic mayo and don’t forget the salad this recipe will give you a feeling that you’ve had a takeaway without leaving the house, or with any of the hidden nasties.

Before we banned ourselves from takeaways one of our favourite takeaways was Doner meat and chips from the kebab shop! With this Lamb Doner Kebab Fakeaway you will never want to go to the takeaway again. If you want to go all out, try using our famous Chip Salt with some homemade slimming chips and you have yourself the ultimate Fakeaway!

This Greedy Fox Shot is full of warming middle eastern spices perfect for all meats and veggies.

And if you are really sure you still want to go to your takeaway, have a look at what your doner kebab is really made from! Did you know that when you buy a doner kebab you are liekly to fin that it is made of turkey, beef, lamb, sausage, chicken and  veal!!!! And most lamb kebabs with the trimmings are going to take you in excess of a whopping 2,000 calories!! Thats frightening!

Shot - Fakeaway Doner Kebab