Fakeaway Chicken Kebab (gyro)

Its not just us that can be partial to a early morning/late night chicken kebab to soak up the alcohol but wouldn’t it be nice to wake up knowing that you didn’t just bust your entire weeks calories on that 3am kebab?

A healthy chicken kebab recipe? Really? Yes really! These Moroccan Chicken Gyros are like a ‘dirty’ kebab without the calories! The ultimate Fakeaway! We make this recipe at least once a week and very often will make these on a Saturday and when we get home from a night out just pop them straight under the grill for the perfect beer munch(ok so often is a stretch, we are parents of two young children so our Saturday ‘nights out’ are few and far between!). When we first started making these we used to get the butcher to bone our chicken thighs, now they are readily available in supermarkets already butchered.

These are also a brilliant stow shopper for a BBQ, they look so impressive when you just slice the meat off and pop it in a pitta bread. Once you’ve tried these you will always opt for the healthy kebab recipe and theres no risk of adding spicy spuds to your order at the kebab shop! Click here if you really want to know how many calories are in the average takeaway kebab!

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Shot -Fakeaway Chicken Gyro (Kebab(