Slow Cooker Ribs by The Greedy Fox

Updated: Jan 6, 2021

These Slow Cooker Ribs are the perfect way to get melt in the mouth pork ribs [other than giving a long slow smoke]. Just simply throw all the ingredients into a slow cooker and finish off in the oven or on a bbq for perfect res every time.


Rack of baby back ribs

1 Tbsp The Greedy Fox BBQ seasoning or Mediterranean seasoning

500ml BBQ sauce try our bbq sauce here. A store bought one will work.

200ml chicken stock

1 tsp garlic

Salt and Pepper to taste


Remove membrane from bottom of the ribs

Season ribs with The Greedy Fox BBQ seasoning

Pour the chicken stock into the slow cooker add the garlic and mix well.

Add the ribs to the slow cooker [you may need to cut the rack in half.

Cover ribs with BBQ sauce, reserve a 100ml sauce for basting the ribs when cooked.

Cook on low for 8hrs for meat that falls from the bone or 6 hrs for meat with more of a bite.

Pre Heat oven 200deg

After the 6 or 8hrs carefully remove ribs from slow cooker place on a baking tray, baste with some of the remaining sauce and bake for 10-25 mins until beginning to char and crisp up around the edges.

Remove the ribs from the oven and serve with any remaining sauce.

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