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Roasted Beetroot The Greedy Fox Style

Our roasted beets are delicious with The Greedy Fox Cajun, Mexican and Caribbean Seasonings. It is a super easy side dish and tastes amazing when you add hot beetroot to a salad. The 3 above our our favourite seasonings with it but give any of them a whirl, they all work great!

Again its one of those recipes that we almost feel silly calling it a recipe but its just a fantastic side dish when you have beetroot that you don’t know what to do with!


1 kg Beets

Sliced onion

1/2 Tbsp The Greedy Fox seasoning of your choice, mixed with the same amount of oil to form a paste.


Pre heat oven 200 degree

Prepare the beets for roasting, Slice off the beet leaves close to the tip of the beet, leaving yourself enough to grip. Save the beet greens for another purpose. Scrub the beets thoroughly, toss the beets in The Greedy Fox paste and onion then wrap loosely in foil. No need to dry the beets before wrapping. Add the beet parcels to a baking tray and Roast for 50-60 mins.

Beets are ready when a fork or a skewer inserts easily too the centre.

You can peel the beets easily when cooked or they are just as tasty with the skin left on.

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