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Leftover Chinese Chicken aka the Poor Mans Duck by The Greedy Fox

Leftover Chinese Chicken. As the name suggests this recipe is all about using your leftovers so the quantities will change each time you cook it the best thing to do is taste as you are cooking. It’s a tough life. We guarantee that this recipe will be such a hit you will want leftover chicken just so you can have this.


Leftover chicken, shredded

The Greedy Fox Chinese 5 Spice Seasoning

Runny Honey

Light soy sauce.


Pre heat frying pan over a high heat

Season leftover shredded chicken with The Greedy Fox Chinese 5 spice. [We use 1 Tbsp per 500g of leftover chicken]

Add to the pre heated frying pan and dry fry until starting to turn crispy

Drizzle honey over the top and toss to coat. Cook for another min or so.

Pour in the light soy sauce and cook again for another min until the soy has all evaporated.

And thats it, It really is that simple.

Serve with rice or top little gem lettuce leaves with cooled chicken and chopped spring onion and cucumber and a drizzle of hoi sin sauce for a little canapés.

Why not serve this leftover Chinese chicken with Chinese Fried Rice by the Greedy Fox for a perfect family meal that everyone will enjoy.

Chinese Fried Rice by The Greedy Fox

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