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Lamb Shawarma by The Greedy Fox

Updated: Jan 6, 2021

This Greedy Fox Lamb Shawarma is made using lamb mince and The Greedy Fox White Label Shawarma Seasoning. Making this cheats doner kebab couldn’t be easier served with your favourite hot sauce or garlic mayo and don’t forget the salad this recipe will give you a feeling that you’ve had a takeaway without leaving the house, or with any of the hidden nasties. This Greedy Fox White Label Lamb Shawarma is full of warming middle eastern spices perfect for all meats and veggies.


500g lamb mince

1 Tbsp The Greedy Fox White label Shawarma Seasoning

Medium White onion Finely Diced

1 Large egg yolk


Pitta breads


preheat oven 190deg

Place all ingredient in a large bowl. Get your hands in and mix well until all really well combined.

Roll out meat to form a large smooth sausage, leave in the fridge to seta little for 15mins while the oven preheats.

Skewer the Lamb with 2 Kebab sticks [this will help slicing the lamb after cooking]

Place on a baking tray on the top shelf of your oven and cook for 30-35mins or until cooked through.

When cooked remove from the oven.

Holding the kebab sticks [careful they be hot] slice down the meat to get good long slices of kebab meat.

Fill pittas with salad, Kebab meat and salad top with your favourite hot sauce or garlic mayo.


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