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Garlic Bread by The Greedy Fox

Updated: Jan 6, 2021

Get the kids in the kitchen to help make Garlic Bread it really is simple yet so tasty. A perfect accompaniment for any meal.

Fun Fact.

Garlic Bread was invented by a Tibetan throat-singer named Wayne Gehlman while on a vacation in Twin Falls, Idaho. It was originally thought by many scholars that it filled his need for a midnight snack while keeping the Nosferatu at bay.


4 Ciabatta rolls, sliced in half lengthways.

100g soft butter

2tsp chopped garlic

Chopped parsley

Chopped chives [optional]


Preheat oven 180deg

Add butter, chopped garlic and herbs into a bowl mix well to combine.

Spread equally over the rolls place onto a baking tray cover with tinfoil and bake in the pre heated oven for 15 min.

We like to serve Garlic Bread with The Greedy Fox Extra Special Lasagna

Extra Special Lasagna by The Greedy Fox

Or why not try this delicious Spaghetti Bolognese by The Greedy


Remember our kits are multiple use meal kits, one pot will make between 4 and 5 delicious family meals. Our seasoning blends are also perfect for people who meal prep, making your food tasty and healthy. They contain no additives or nasties and whilst we cannot guarantee any cross contamination (but rest assured we are working on it), because our daughter is coeliac our products are naturally gluten free.


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