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BBQ Pumpkin by The Greedy Fox

BBQ Pumpkin by The Greedy Fox

Our BBQ Pumpkin recipe was created when we saw all the poor pumpkins reduced after Halloween. Not one to miss a bargain and always conscious of budget and cost I snapped them up, knowing that Jamie would be able to make something from them. And I was glad I did! Autumn is the perfect time for pumpkin and what better way to cook it than over coals. (Jamie never needs an excuse, even our Turkey was cooked on The Big Green Egg on Christmas Day!) This recipe is so easy and quick you will wander why you’ve never used pumpkin in this way before!

You can use any of our seasonings for this but we love it most with Moroccan, BBQ or Cajun but get creative and let us know!


We used a white pumpkin but any squash will work. Cut into 1/2inch slices.

The Greedy Fox Caribbean, Moroccan,BBQ or Cajun.

Rape seed oil.


Cut the pumpkin in half horizontally scrape out the seeds [Reserving for our Pumpkin Seed Recipe)

Slice into 1/2inch slices

Mix a tablespoon of seasoning with a tablespoon of oil to make a paste.

Brush over Pumpkin slices until well coated.

Cook directly over coals for 5-7 mins each side

Serve while hot.

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