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Lentil Chilli by The Greedy Fox

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This recipe uses our Mexican Seasoning to create a stunning Chilli. The whole recipe is entirely Vegan but don’t be put off if you are a meat eater, the lentils soak up the flavour of the seasoning and make a truly mouth watering chilli. There are so many varieties in the way you can serve this one too, add to tacos, service with boiled rice, add to tortilla chips for delicious nachos plus we always have the leftovers on a jacket potato the next day.


A Medium white onion-diced
1 Red pepper-roughly diced
1 Tin  chopped tomatos
1 tin kidney beans (drained)
1 Tin Brown lentils (drained)
1/2 Tin [use the empty brown lentil tin] veg stock
Handful of fresh Coriander
1-2 tsp of The Greedy Fox Mexican seasoning
1-2 teaspoon rape seed oil


1) Cook the onions and peppers in 1-2 teaspoon of rape seed oil on a med heat until onions are translucent

2) Add The Greedy Fox Mexican Seasoning and stir through.

3) Add the tinned tomatoes, lentils and kidney beans fill lentil tin half way with veg stock and add to the chilli.

4) Simmer for 15 mins until thick and beans are soft but still hold their shape

5) Stir through the chopped coriander at the end of cooking.

6) Place the Avocado wedges onto a hot griddle pan for a minute or two each side serve with the chilli.
The whole recipe makes 4-6 portions

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