Here at The Greedy Fox we are huge avocado fans and these Griddled and Stuffed Avocados topped cauliflower cous cous are a taste sensation. The Humble Avocado gets a bad rep sometimes but the health benefits of avocados can be incredible and whilst there is always talk of them being ‘fatty’ remember they are a ‘good fat’, and they are so good for you!

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Serves 2 as a side

Recipe Cost: £1.09 (Plus leftover Cauliflower Cous Cous)

Cost Per Portion:£0.55


1 whole avocado

1tbsp Oil or your low fat alternative


Sea Salt


Slice an avocado in half and remove stone

Squeeze  lime over Avocado, Brush with oil and sprinkle with sea salt.

Place on Griddle and cook for 4 mins each side

Top with The Greedy Fox Cauliflower Cous Cous