We are so glad you have found our way to our website, seeing as you have made the effort its only fair to tell you all about us!

My name is Jamie I am a trained chef and I started The Greedy Fox back in 2016 with my wife Gemma. We have two children Lilly is 11 and loves makeup and has bags of attitude! She has also recently been diagnosed as celiac so that's brought us a whole new host of foodie challenges so you will find that many of our recipes are naturally gluten-free or can be easily substituted.


Noah is 6, football and lego crazy and a real little gentleman! It was just two weeks after Noah was born that our lives changed forever. To be fair I think the jump from one to two children changes everyone's lives forever!!! But this was a little different, I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis.

To be honest we had no idea what Multiple Sclerosis was so I don’t expect anyone else to either! Essentially it affects your nervous system, so anything that has a nerve attached to it! Some days it’ll be my eyes, other days my legs or my hands just don’t work properly. On other days I just have such extreme fatigue that I literally feel empty. But a couple of years ago I made the decision that I could no longer let his control my life, with two little rugrats on the loose, it's just not an option.

When I was first diagnosed, over a 6 month period I ended up taking 15 pills per day and disease-modifying drugs which for 1/2 the week left me with chronic flu-like symptoms, in turn, I lost all passion. Especially for food. 1 long sleepless night I began searching the internet for alternative ways to treat my MS after bypassing thousands of snake oil remedies and potions I noticed diet kept cropping up.  It was at this point I made a decision, I needed to get my life back. I decided overnight to stop taking the medication [which knowing what I know now I would strongly advise you see your dr first] and manage my MS through diet alone. So I started cooking again.


However everyone in this room has probably been on a diet of some sort at some point and its the repetition that is the downfall the food can get pretty bland and pretty boring very quickly and this needed to be a change for life so I began to create seasonings to not just create flavour but for ease of use, reducing the time spent in the kitchen. This brought my passion for not just food but life back!!!!!!!

Using no little hidden nasties We now have ten flavours in our range with special merchandise such as greedy fox aprons in the pipeline. In essence what I created was a multiple-use meal kit which each pouch of flavour last for 4-5 meals each without being tied to just 1 recipe, at the moment we have over 100 recipes on our website all suggestions to accompany the flavours and adding more every week.

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