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Chickpea and Corn Burger by The Greedy Fox

Chickpea and Corn Burger by The Greedy Fox

When I first saw these in The Greedy Fox kitchen, my immediate thought was how can you have a burger with no meat in?!?! Now these are my preference over a beef burger. The Greedy Fox Burger Seasoning really brings all of the whole ingredients together. We’ve found these to be a real winner with our kids too which as a parent is always a bonus! This is now a staple Fox family tea with our sweet potato fries.


Cost Per Recipe:£0.81

Cost Per Portion: £0.21


150 grams each of chickpeas and sweetcorn (drained)

1 tablespoons of The Greedy Fox Burger and Steak Seasoning

A handful of fresh coriander leaf

Half a sliced chilli [optional]

2 tablespoons of gluten free plain flour

The juice of half a lime.


1) Put all ingredients into a food processor and pulse, keeping some texture in the mix.

2) Form into equal sized patties and fry in fry light or a teaspoon of rape seed oil.

3) Serve in a wholemeal bun with your favourite sauce [we like Sriracha hot chilli sauce] topped with a slice of beefsteak tomato and salad leaves of your choosing


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