The Greedy Fox Chicken Fajitas are one of the ultimate dishes when it comes to Mexican cooking. They are ideal for dinner with friends and family, as they are easy to repare, easy to share and never fail to stir up an appetite. This is a firm family favourite with many, the kids love building their own and adults alike, pleasing everyone is easy with these. We of course like to mix it up a bit, we love adding our Greedy Fox Mexican Seasoning to the chicken and our Greedy Fox Steak Seasoning tastes incredible with beef steak. Or swap them around! Its up to you, create your own.

Serves 2

Recipe Cost:£1.86

Cost Per Portion: £0.93


4 Chicken breast

1 Tbsp of The Greedy Fox Mexican or Steak Seasoning

Onion sliced

1 Red and Green pepper sliced

Flour Tortillas

1Tbsp Oil or your low fat alternative


Heat half the oil in a frying pan over a medium/high heat and fry the onion and peppers until soft and golden. Around 7mins

Remove the onion and pepper mix from the pan

Add the other half of the oil to the frying pan Slice the chicken breast and add to the pan

Add The Greedy Fox Mexican Seasoning and fry for 5-7 mins or until cooked through

Carefully put the onion and pepper mixture back in the pan

Cook for a further 2 minutes


We love our Chicken Fajitas served with salad, Cheese and our very own guacamole and Mexican Refried beans making this a real feast.