Halloumi Fries by The Greedy Fox

The Greedy Fox Halloumi fries are a work of magic if you like cheese you’ll love these. crispy and slightly salty perfect seasoned with your favourite Greedy Fox seasoning, a little spiced yogurt and pomegranate seeds for that extra burst of juicy sweetness a perfect contrast for the salty cheese.



2 blocks Halloumi cheese, Cut into finger sized chips. You are looking to make 12 per block.

75gr Gluten free plain flour/ any plain flour works well.

Your favourite Greedy Fox seasoning

Oil for frying

Natural yogurt


1 teaspoon chopped mint

1 teaspoon chopped basil


Pour the flour out on to a plate then roll the halloumi in the flour so that it’s evenly coated.

Heat the oil in a shallow, heavy-bottomed pan or deep frier to 180C, or a piece of bread browns in 20 secs.

Working in batches, carefully lower the halloumi into the oil and cook for 2 mins until crisp and golden, then drain on kitchen paper.

Season with your favourite Greedy Fox seasoning top with a little yogurt the pomegranate and fresh chopped herbs.

We mix a little yogurt with our favourite hot sauce for a dip.

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